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"O' Be JoyFull" Overnight Accomodations

The following establishments come highly recommended by Rick Garland for overnight stays when you visit Harpers Ferry, WV, or Gettysburg, PA.

Harpers Ferry, WV

The Jackson Rose Bed & Breakfast
www.thejacksonrose.com * (304) 535-1528
1167 W. Washington Street, Harpers Ferry, WV, 25425

This beautiful Bed & Breafast, built circa 1795, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and for a time in April 1861 was the headquarters for then Confederate Colonel Thomas Jonathan Jackson, very soon after to be known as, "General 'Stonewall' Jackson," making this the perfect place to stay for any Civil War Buff', and/or "wanna-be" Generals!  (hee, hee!)

As Colonel Jackson's headquarters, other notable Civil War officers under Jackson's command would also have visited the property, most notably including Luietenent James Ewell Brown Stuart, later to become famous as General J.E.B. Stuart, of the Confederate Cavalry and, of course, for obvious reasons, an "O' Be JoyFull" favorite (See info about the, "General J.E.B. Stuart Sings Again!" Show on the "Songs & Stories" page of this website), as well as Captain, and later to become General John Imboden!

From first hand experience, I can tell you that the rooms are absolutely beautiful and the breakfasts can only be described as extremely delicious and fit for any officer of any rank and his wife, or companion, who we know always "ranks" him!

If you want history, eloquence, charm, and a great breakfast, this is the place for you!

Gettysburg, PA

Battlefield Bed & Breakfast
www.gettysburgbattlefield.com * 717/334-8804
2264 Emmitsburg Road, Gettysburg, PA   17325
Florence Tarbox, Innkeeper

If you are staying overnight in Gettysburg, PA, if you like Bed & Breakfast Inn's, and if you are a Civil War Buff, or if you just want to immerse yourself in American Civil War history and culture for the ultimate "total and complete historical experience," then the Battlefield Bed & Breakfast is definitely the place for you!

First, it is one of the only B&B's right on a portion of the actual Gettysburg Battlefield and it features 30 private acres of land along with its own pond, which is really great for walking your dog (yes, this Inn is dog friendly!!!), and it is in a beautiful building that was here at the time of the Battle of Gettysburg! 

Originally a farmhouse, the oldest section of this wonderful Inn dates back to 1809 and it is located just a few dozen steps away from the Gettysburg National Battlefield Park's "South Cavalry Field!"

Second, this property still has a working barn complete with a petting zoo, which includes a goat, sheep, a pony, a donkey, and horses, as well as a few very friendly barn cats for you cat lovers, and even a rooster!  (The rooster is great for those of you who didn't bring your alarm clock with you and/or can't figure out how to program the clock radio alarm in your room!  Hee, hee!)

Third, from the beautifully arranged Victorian Style Dinning Room, with its immpressive and eloguent place settings, to the large and charming parlor sitting area, featuring a huge working country farmhouse stone fireplace, to the wonderful charm and furnishings of its guest rooms, this Inn's theme is all "American Civil War!" 

The Inn is decorated and appointed with artwork by the genre's most famous and popular historical artists, as well as displays of authentic civil war relics and reproductions, including uniforms and dresses that you can actually wear to breakfast, dinner, or just for a picture!  

For you music lovers, the Inn even features not one, but two pianos!  And I'm sure you know by now that the piano was the 19th Century's most popular and most important musical instrument!  One is a beautiful Steinway Baby Grand, which is in the Dining Room, a real classic, as well as an incredible, fully functioning, better than museum quality, historic, pre-civil war, colonial style parlor piano!  Could there be anything better?  Wow!!!

Fourth, this is the only Inn in all of Gettysburg that offers a thought provoking and educational history presentation every morning, just before breakfast, on a variety of fascinating subjects ranging from Civil War and Gettysburg Battle history, the life of an infatnryman, scientific inventions, and cavalry traning, to Civil War Medicene and Nursing, loading and firing a musket (you get to fire one yourself if you want too!), and even the soldier's number one pastime, (when he wasn't drilling, fighting, or trying to find something to eat!), Music and Singing!  And guess who that featured, good looking, historical speaker is on every Wednesday morning?  That's right, "O' Be JoyFull's" Rick Garland!!!

Fifth, and perhaps most importantly, BREAKFAST!!!  Ah yes, the foremost and most important item on a civil war soldier's mind, other than staying alive, FOOD!!!  And I can tell you from personal experience (and from having to loosen the belt on my uniform a notch or two!), the Inn's two course gourmet breakfast is absolutely second to none!  There's always plenty of fresh baked muffins, orange juice and specialty coffees to compliment the Inn's absolutely scrumptious breakfast offerings, which always, and I mean always includes absolutely delicious POTATOES!  (yeah, I guess my Irish is showing a bit now!)

Sixth, what do you mean Sixth?  What more could you want?  What more could I say or tell you?  If I haven't yet convinced you that this is the best place for your overnight stay when visiting the Gettysburg Battlefield, well then you must simply be beyond convincing or just haven't been paying attention!  So wake up!  (At this Inn, I mean!) 

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, there really is at least one more reason to stay at the Battlefield Bed & Breakfast Inn on a Tuesday night, a special $99.00 "O' Be JoyFull" room rate!  (This special rate is subject to room availability and you must call ahead.  There is also a small additional charge for breakfast.)

Anyway, because of my own personal experiences here, as well as the many comments I've heard from guests, whom I've met and chatted with during my Wednesday morning history presentations, the Battlefield Bed & Breakfast is simply the only Inn in all of Gettysburg where you can so totally immerse yourself in the fascinating Victorian time period in which America's Civl War and the Battle of Gettysburg took place!  It is a very special and unique Inn which will provide you with an overnight experience that you will not soon forget!

Call Florence, the Innkeeper, (and a very fine and accomplished piano player herself!), to make your reserations! 

Passages Inn Bed & Breakfast
www.passagesinngettysburg.com * 717/334-7010
267 Baltimore Street, Gettysburg, PA, 17325
Paulette Lee & Gary Froseth, Innkeepers

This charming and eloquent internationally themed and accented Inn offers the finest in Bed & Breakfast accomodations, especially for anyone who likes to park the car and forget about it until your holiday is completed.

Located in a renovated pre-Civil War (1834) home, in the heart of downtown Gettysburg, where a Confederate barricate was set up during the July 1863 battle, the Inn is just a short walk to just about everything that the town of Gettysburg has to offer, from its numerous restaurants and pubs, to museums, the theater, and even the shuttle bus that will take you to the Gettysburg National Battlefield Park's new and awesome Visitor's Center!

Specially roasted coffee from Costa Rica and/or Africa, along with a wonderful gourmet breakfast will greet you in the morning and start you on your day(s) of exploration in one of America's most significant and historic towns!

From the wonderful fireplace in the warm and cozy beautifully appointed sitting room, to the piano in the dining room (always an "O' Be JoyFull" favorite you might know or remember!), and to the exquisitely internationally decorated guest rooms, you will thouroughly enjoy the unique specialiality and charm of this Inn, as well its historical setting, location and convenience!

Oh, and by the way, please don't you'all forget to call Rick at 732/801-0381 and schedule an "O' Be JoyFull" Historical Tour, or a Songs & Stories Concert Show, or maybe even both when you'all are staying at any of these great and wonderful inns!!! 

As Tiger Woods would say, "Just do it!

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