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Christmas Customs & Traditions Show

Christmas Customs & Traditions Show


  • Where is our modern day Santa Claus from?
  • Why does Santa live in the North Pole?
  • Who built the North Pole?
  • Where did Santa get the reindeer?
  • Did Mrs. Claus, Santa, or someone else name them?
  • Did we always have Christmas Trees?
  • Why do we decorate the Tree?
  • How did the American Civil War influence Christmas? 
  • Which is the oldest Christmas Carol?
  • Which is the first American Christmas Carol?
  • Was a Christmas Carol really the first song ever broadcast on radio?
  • Which one?

These and many more questions about our modern day Christmas customs and traditions are answered in: 

Rick Garland's

"O' Be JoyFull"

Christmas Customs & Traditions Show!"

Note:  The Christmas Show will be conducted in The "O' Be JoyFull" Center's 19th Century Parlor from Thanksgiving through December, with regular show times, as appearing on the "Songs & Stories" page of this website, unless there is a special event that supersedes the regular show time.  Please always check the "Special Events Schedule" page and of course reservations are always very helpful.

"O' Be JoyFull's" Christmas Show is also available for bookings at private parties or most any type of special event.  Please call Rick Garland for more information or to book a show appearance.

Celebrate this Christmas Season with a very special Song & Stories Sing-A-Long Show that tells you how and where many of our favorite modern day Christmas customs and traditions came from! 

Everyone will be entertained and at least a little bit educated as we all sing songs and hear true stories about Christmas traditions through the ages, with an emphasis on how our modern Christmas celebrations have been formed from the past!  

Most people are unaware of the very large and influential role that the American Civil War had in our modern Christmas celebrations, including giving us all the Santa Claus that we all know and love today!  "O' Be JoyFull's" Christmas Show will tell you the hows and why of this little known fact about our modern Santa Claus!

Of course, this is done in the "O' Be JoyFull" style of a 19th Century Sing-A-Long and with the song lyrics provided so that everyone is able to participate in the number one entertainment pastime of America's 19th Century and the "Romantic" and "Victorian" Eras!

As always, Rick wears historically correct clothing from the 19th Century for the show, which includes everyone's favorite Christmas carols and songs, along with fun filled true stories.  

Rick's powerful voice and rousing piano creates an unforgettable fun filled and memorable "O' Be JoyFull" Christmas holiday experience that you won't want to miss!!!

Children and adults of all ages will enjoy Rick's "O' Be JoyFull"
Christmas Customs and Traditions Sing-A-Long Show and everyone will learn something new about our modern day Christmas celebrations and customs!

Here are some comments by those who have experienced the show....
"Your concert was one of the highlights of our season!  Great Work!"... "We've talked so many times about your wonderful performance!" ..."Wow, this was a wonderful show and it is so inspiring!"... "As a collector of antique Santa's I'm so glad that I now know so much more about him!"..."All the best to you and keep up the great work!"...

It's never too early!!!

Bookings for shows for the 2009 Christmas Season are available now! 

And you'll love having a...

Merry "O' Be JoyFull" Christmas!!!

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Thank you!!!


Have a very "Merry Christmas,"

And a "Happy New Year!!!"

"Rick Garland"



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